We are a family business founded in 1995 offering over 40 years experience in the aluminium industry. We work with leading aluminium manufacturers providing aluminium solutions for companies in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

We specialise in Aluminium Wire, Rods, Bars and Shaped Sections manufactured by Gutmann Aluminium Draht GmbH.

Our expertise covers Aluminium Tubes, Sections and Bars.

All products are supplied direct to you from our suppliers and whilst we do not hold stocks we can offer this service through our partner companies.

We can supply both standard sizes and bespoke sizes; this means that you are not restricted in your choice of product. This gives you the option to select a product in the size and alloy that is right for you.

If you do not see the product from our list please send us an enquiry, we have global sourcing solutions and can normally locate the product for you.